Monday, August 22, 2011

Shopping, Boobs, Old Ladies and Naps.

Husband, Baby J and I went out to eat and grocery shop today. Baby J spent the entire time nursing in the sling. I seriously need to get my knee to heal quicker because I was shuffling around like an old lady with a limp. (Sexy!) A couple of times Baby J had to be repositioned when he accidentally unlatched and I'm pretty sure I flashed a family of 3 in the toy department. I know I flashed a security camera. Oops. Now I'm home with my feet up chugging my Starbucks Frappuccino and nursing Baby J (again).
I can't wait for tomorrow because we are going to the local cloth diapering store to get Baby J a new diaper cover! He's grown out of one of his! My baby is growing up!! Not sure how to feel about this. Also we are on the look out for one of those stationary bikes so I can work on getting my knee to bend, The physical therapy place wont call me back so I can start going there so I'm gonna do it myself with what I remember doing the last two times I dislocated my knee.

I got to take a much needed nap today. Granted it was only 45 minutes but it felt great! My husband said he actually had to check on me to see if I was ok because I was face down in the pillow with one leg tangled in the sheets and one hanging off the bed. Not sure how I got into that position, or how I was able to breathe. Oh well, it worked.

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