Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Diaper Covers-Yes! Shots-No!

Yesterday my husband, Baby J and I went to the local cloth diapering store and got two new Thirsties Duo Wrap covers for Baby J! He's grown out of one of his Rumparooz covers. While we were there we looked at some carriers because my husband wants to wear Baby J when he gets a little older. I think I have him talked into getting a Mei Tai so we can share it! So excited! Love my ring sling but I think I'll want something else when he gets bigger.

Baby J has his 2 month doctor appointment tomorrow. I'm so nervous about getting his shots. We are delaying some so he wont get much but I am worried about him. I hate seeing my baby in pain. He's never had a shot before. He did really well with all the heel pricks in the hospital so I hope things go smoothly.

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