Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Clean!

Today the most amazing thing happened. My husband volunteered to watch Baby J so I could take a much needed shower! Lately, showers have become something I'd pay good money for. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how good it feels to be able to wash off sour milk, pee, drool, sweat and whatever else that has been clinging to me since my last shower. I'm definitely not a glamour mom.

Part of me is considering a water sling so I can shower with Baby J instead of wait for an
opportunity with my husband's hectic schedule.
The Sling Station has some great ones. Think of it! Showering whenever I want! I'd be on top of the world! Baby J hates being clean so we'd have our work cut out for us but mama would be happy! When I got into the shower, I was faced with a familiar dilemma. What should I wash first to make the whole showering experience fulfilling? Should I use shampoo and conditioner? I'm definitely using the poofy scrub thing. Did I just hear crying? I better hurry or I wont have post shower lotion time!

Did I just write a blog post about showering? Yes, I did. Moral of the story? Be thankful for the small things. And soap. Be thankful for soap.


  1. LOL Lani, YES YES YES PLEASE!!! Soap, Conditioner, Shampoo!! I want the works, gimme the works!

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  3. Yes the link takes you to some waterproof slings and some info on showering with them. I want one!

  4. i may have to purchase one to! It is impossible to get anything done with a new baby..