Saturday, August 20, 2011

Breast Is Best

I just read an article about breastfeeding in the form of a letter from baby to mom that is very informative that I think every mom should read.

Read it here at The Leaky Boob.

This totally made me cry. It also made me feel good that I've stuck with it even when it seemed like I wasn't making enough for him. In the first week, my husband kept asking if I wanted him to go get formula but I refused. I'd researched breastfeeding (I research everything) and read that it takes time. I'm glad that Baby J is attached to my boob almost all day, when others may get tired of it and give up, or take it as a sign that they are not making enough milk and supplement with formula.

I believe that breast milk is the best thing you can give your baby. I do not want to deny him of that and plan to be one of "those moms" that breastfeed into toddlerhood. I know what I'm doing is best, even when I'd like to be doing something besides nursing all day.

Picture by ProMom

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