About Me

I'm a Navy wife and a stay at home mom to my beautiful baby boy.
I have a cloth diapering addiction but unfortunately do not have the funds to support said addiction. 
My precious boy was born two weeks early, 12 days after I severely dislocated my knee cap which resulted in an ambulance ride to the E.R. and which left me unable to walk for over a month. (Try that with a newborn!) 

My day consists of playing with my boy when he has his morning alert time. We read books (while he stares into space and tries to keep his head up), look in the mirror, practice tracking objects, make silly faces and kick! Then he is either nursing or in his sling the rest of the day, until he decides its play time again!

I have the most amazing husband who has taken such great care of us since I am not able to be as mobile due to my injury and the sheer exhaustion that comes with being a new mom. 

My mom is my best friend and sacrificed her whole summer to take care of me and the house (and my husband) while I was unable to walk. I wish we lived closer.