Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shopping Trip

Today we practically bought out the local cloth diapering store near us, The Giggling Green Bean. We went for a demo on wool care and originally intended to buy a wool soaker to cover a prefold diaper for night time diapering. We got one Woolybottoms hybrid soaker and some lanolin and were put on the call list for when they get a new shipment! They only had one size xs.
We also got some cloth wipes for the diaper bag. We already have several for home use but wanted to continue to use cloth when out and about.

My birthday is coming up and so Husband got me a Mei Tai carrier for when Baby J is a little older. I love my Maya Wrap. It's so easy for nursing on the go, but I wanted
something more structured when he's bigger, plus Husband wants to wear him some and ring slings are too girly apparently. I had to pick out a "manly" print. I picked guitars.

We had checked out and were leaving when we passed a box full
of knit hats that were being
stocked so we had to check them out. Aaaaand bought 3. Now all we need is some cool weather!

On our way to checkout counter for the second time I passed some Baltic amber teething necklaces so I grabbed one for when Baby J starts teething. It was
a great day!


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